Know everything about football

Football is also referred to as “The beautiful game” as it is one of the most popular sports in the world that has millions of fans that was originated in 476 BC in China. It is also considered as the most watched and played sport in earth and the world cup is the most popular game series that is watched by a large number of fans across the globe. The football tournament is the largest among the other sports tournament with 5,098 teams with 35,000 players who competes with each other for lifting the trophy. Football is also known as soccer is a game where two teams compromising of eleven players each compete with each other for scoring the largest number of goals.

Techniques used in football

This game involves the use of any part of the body by the footballer except their arms and hands and the players tries to maneuver the ball into the goal of the opposing team. The football is only handled by the goalkeeper who is permitted to touch the ball within the penalty area and the team that gets the maximum goals wins the game. The players of the different teams have to wear t-shirts of different colors that helps them to look different from their competitors.

Places where football is played, this popular ball game with millions of
spectators and participants are played anywhere from the official football
playing field or pitches to parks, school playgrounds, beaches, streets and gymnasiums. The governing body of football is “Federation Internationale De Football Association or FIFA.

Most popular football tournament

African Cup of Nations

Copa America

Euro Championship

Football is also the most broadcasted game in the world that is played by the football that is prolate spheroid in shape and the football has white stripes painted on both the seed of the ball. The game involves the use of feet by the players who runs to make a goal on the other teams goalpost as it helps them to make points that is required for winning the game. The football match is played within the time frame of 90 minutes and the main aim is to score more goals than the opponent team. This 90 minutes is divided into two halves of about 45 minutes each and after the first half of the game, the players get a 15 minute break that is also known as half time. After the half time, the next 45 minutes is again used for playing the game and the referee will ensure that all the players are deemed fit before the game is resumed.

The teams of football compromises of 11 players which includes ten outfield players and one goalkeeper that the pitch dimensions is about 75 yards wide and 120 yards long. The football and pitch is considered as the most important thing that you will need for the tournament and the players needs to have gears like matching strips, shin pads and studded football boots for playing the game. Winning the game requires the football to be inside the legitimate goal lines of the opponents teams.